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A Letter to Atheists

on November 9, 2013

Dear Atheist,

Obviously, if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I am (Horror of horrors!) a Christian. Now please please PLEASE don’t discount my letter right away for that reason. I don’t expect you to change your mind from reading this letter. But what I so desperately hope is that you will understand the strange tribe of people who call themselves Christians just a little better.

Okay, so first, I have a few questions for you. Feel free to respond in the comments if you wish.
1) Why do you (atheists in general) think you have cornered the intelligence market?
2) Why are you so venomous towards Christians, but not towards Jews, Muslims or adherents of Eastern religions like Buddhism, New Age, or Hinduism? According to the logic you use, these religions should be even more preposterous, since they don’t explain/ try to back up their views with science.
3) Why do you think reason is the most important thing in the world? It is, in essence, your god.
4) Why do you claim to be open-minded when you are so angry?

Keep in mind, I am talking about atheists IN GENERAL. You may be the exception.

Now, for the confession. When I say “we,” I am talking about Christians through the ages. I am not saying I, or anyone I know personally, has done these things.
1) We have unkindly told atheists and adherents of other religions that they are going to hell.
2) We have started wars in the name of God.
3) We have used our religion as a whip to keep people in line or make them do things against their will.
4) We have used our religion to justify horrible atrocities.
5) We have claimed to be holier than thou when we are not. Our own belief system even says we’re not.
6) We have acted against what we have said was true. We have been hypocrites.
7) We have held up signs in protest, saying God hates fags, or God hates…(fill in the blank) when in reality, God hates no one.
8) We have failed to preach God’s grace, but have been all too eager to preach His justice.

For these things, I (the author of Sekai no Hikari) apologize in the name of my Christian brothers and sisters. I am guilty of numbers 6 and 8 myself, and I apologize for that as well.

Now here are some things I want you to understand about Christians:
1)  We are not perfect. God shows mercy on us, but we remain imperfect. We do not always follow God perfectly, and Christianity as a belief system says this outright.
2) We are human. We have fears, hopes, and dreams just like you. We also are hurt by things atheists say and do, just as you may be hurt by things Christians say and do.
3) We have doubts. That is part of believing. If you think we are “sheep” who follow without question, you are wrong.
4) The vast majority of us bear no ill will towards humanity. We believe we are doing right.
5) We are not insane.
6) We are not all conservatives.
7) Some of us are actually not afraid of you. 

Thank you for reading.


The author of Sekai no Hikari, on behalf of Christians everywhere


One response to “A Letter to Atheists

  1. Hello dear Christian,

    first of all, let me tell you a simple truth I have noticed: There is not ONE “strange tribe of people who call themselves Christians” – there are hundreds, probably thousands of them. The only thing they really seem to have in common is the usage of the same names (God, Jesus, Bible, etc.). Other than that, I was not able to find a belief that they would all agree too, except something very, very basic like “God is great and Jesus is pretty nice, too.”.

    But let me answer those questions…

    1) Well, there is this study that proves that atheists are statistically better at solving IQ-tests… Just kidding. Well, personally I don’t assume that Christians are automatically dumber than atheists, but you have to admit, that it’s a thought that somehow suggests itself. How would you think of someone who told you about his invisible friend Harvey the rabbit, who created earth? This person might be a genius, but your first reaction will probably not be to take him seriously. What I am trying to tell you is not the reason why you are dumb, it’s the reason why an atheist might come to that conclusion without actually knowing you, simply because he has to assume that you are irrational. That’s unfortunately how these things work. It’s not fair and it’s not a good start, but atheists are still humans. I try not to judge Christians just for their being Christian – which is easier as I know some quite clever ones (cleverer than me, at least). I simply assume that Religion is a flaw in human nature that doesn’t automatically have to have something to do with low intelligence.

    Of course, honestly, as soon as you start ignoring tons of evidence for evolution or try to tell me that evolution would disprove god (something that, for example, even St. Augustine would have found ridiculous), then chances that I think of you as an intelligent human being degrade really quickly.

    2) Well, there are many points for that, just to think of some…
    – Christianity is the most dominant religion in most western countries
    – Christianity is the religion most atheists were surrounded by all their life
    – Christianity is the religion most western atheists who were religious once themselves came from
    – Christianity is the religion that tries to influence western politics the most
    – Budhism and New Age doesn’t automatically have a god, making them quite useless as a target for atheism (you know, because of the no-god thing… If the religion agrees there, it’s not really useful to argue).
    – Many atheists are skeptics, and there also argue against New age, homeopathy, etc.
    – Islam IS attacked by atheists, because, in some countries, it’s even worse than Christianity and the excuse for many atrocities. Dawkins, for example, is often attacked for being to harsh against Islam.

    3) Reason is a tool. We don’t pray to it. And without reason, religion is also useless. You can argue without reason. So if you want to dismiss reason you get left with… nothing. It’s something that atheists and believers have in common, so arguing against reason is somehow sawing the branch on that you sit… And what do you suggest as an alternative? Faith? Some vague feeling of divinity? Reason brought people to the moon, so I personally would bet on that, especially as religion only flew people into buildings.

    4) Well, if believers continue to tell you that you are so angry (in other words “lie”), then some day you WILL become angry. But of course, there are other reasons for being angry. For example that fact that too many Christians want to prevent people from marrying just because their 2.000 year old book says that they have the wrong gender. For example the fact that Christians try to make children stupid by taking their chance to learn actual scientific theories instead of myths. For example the fact that Christian still preach nonsense about abstinence and not contraception when it has been proven that not teaching about contraception only increases the rate of teenage mothers. This and many other things lead us to being angry.

    We try to keep an open mind, but keeping an open mind does not include that we assume your 2.000 year old fairy tale has a big chance of being true.

    Honestly, I like your posting, so let me add something of my own…

    1) Some atheists are real idiots, assholes and morons.
    2) Atheism does not make your smarter or somehow better automatically – but some of us tend to believe that (at least sometimes).
    3) Atheists often tend to be a real pain in the behind.
    4) We are only human and, of course, tend to react and judge to quickly.
    5) We are not perfect.

    Honestly, I think I have been guilty of all of these – and much more. So, let me say sorry here for that, in my name, as I cannot speak in the name of anyone else (as only sharing disbelief doesn’t make you a brother of all atheists): I apologize and try harder to be better. But let me add…

    1) Some of us may hate all believers, but most of us do not.
    2) Some of us may want to forbid religion, but most of us do not – most of us would fight for your right to have and live your religion, as long s it’s your personal thing.
    3) We are also only doing what we do because we hope it’s the best for humanity (except the people from the 1) above, of course).
    4) Most of us are not afraid of you.


    A.M., just in his name

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